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"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs."

My awesome vacation is awesome

Well, I spent my one week and one day vacation in the island of Mindanao in a reason that I need to attend a National youth congress in General Santos - at Lagao to be exact and to visit my loved ones in Sultan Kudarat. Here are some pictures, folks:

(My whole family)

(First night at Lagao Gym with my aunt and her beautiful daughter - my cousin, and my two churchmates)

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News news news

Well, you know the reason I can’t have a good night sleep for days cos I had been like hanging on the edge where two side exists - whether I could maintain my grades for my scholarship or not. Good news is I have survived. I am the only one survivor in my class actually and that makes me absolutely happy. All went well, God has shown miraculous things for me. He is really great.

Everyday is so awesome! (Well, maybe for these past few days.) We now have a lot time for each other (obviously Jasper and I), because you know, it’s summer already. We’ve already watched several movies, maybe romantic, comedy or the like and some more to go! Yes, distance won’t tear us apart. And you may find this “funny” because we are just like crazy - crazy to each other. Aha

  • The Notebook
  • Vanilla Sky
  • What’s your number?
  • If only
  • Midnight in Paris

What else???

We’re going to see each other na pala on monday!!! <3

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Mom’s Graduation

My mom is just so pretty, right? It was her graduation last March 30, 2012. And I am so proud of her! I think that day was added to her list of happiest-moment-of-my-life. It was just so special. And oh, I was her hmua for that day (I’m not kidding).

And there I was.. I became one of her “parent” kuno. Hahaha

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